» Research Center for the Study of Anti-Corruption Issues

Research Center for the Study of Anti-Corruption Issues

Research, analytical, educational, methodological support of the implementation of the state policy in the field of anti-corruption.

The Academy plays an important role in shaping the moral and ethical qualities of civil servants, in particular, developing an understanding of the social danger of corruption, informing public servants of the main provisions of the national anti-corruption legislation, informing them about the types of corruption offenses, and developing civil servants with anti-corruption skills and etc.

Development of effective measures aimed at improving the anti-corruption policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the framework of the research, methodological, analytical and educational activities of the Academy in the field of anti-corruption.

• implementation of research works in priority areas of the Center;
• development of proposals to improve anti-corruption policies and legislation;
• development of innovative methodological material on improving the level of anti-corruption culture and ethical standards of citizens;
• development and implementation of educational programs on anti-corruption education;
• conducting research to identify corruption risks in the work of state bodies, including in the field of public services;
• establishing cooperation with international anti-corruption organizations and leading scientific, academic, educational centers on anti-corruption issues;
• development of measures to increase anti-corruption culture and the formation of a “zero tolerance” for corruption in society;
• formation of an “open” discussion platform for various events.

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