Main dates for the 2024 additional admissions campaign

Educational programs with a duration of study of one year with a break from work

MPA – Public Administration

MHRM – Human Resource Management

MRD -Regional Development (mod)

Educational programs with a duration of study of one and a half years with a break from work

MPP – Public policy

ME – Economics

MIR-International Relations

Educational programs with a duration of one year based on the principle of modular training for persons who are not civil servants

EMPA -Public Administration » (Executive MPA)

MRD -Regional Development

  1. Scanned version of an identity document.
  2. Scanned version of a higher education document with an attachment.
  3. QAZAQ RESMI TEST ( or KAZTEST ( certificate, confirming the level of knowledge of the kazakh language not lower than level B1, with the exception of foreign citizens.
  4. Document confirming labor activity.
  5. Application (signed with digital signature).
Public administration
  • Methodology, technologies and development and change management methods in the field of state planning
  • Appropriate quality of public administration in the Republic of Kazakhstan: requirements of the XXI century and implementation models
  • Instruments of participation, feedback and protection of the interests of citizens and business in public administration
  • Decentralization of public administration system
  • Project management and agile management technologies in public administration
  • Innovative management technologies
  • Development of tools and anticorruption mechanisms in public administration
  • Public administration in the field of information technologies development
Civil service
  • Organizational management/Organizational behavior
  • Ethics of the civil servants of Kazakhstan / Culture of integrity of civil servants of Kazakhstan
  • Upgrading the quality of personnel in public administration and improving the organization of their work
  • Improvement of assessment system of civil servants performance
Public services
  • Client-based public services delivery
National economy and territorial economy
  • Economy of the public sector of Kazakhstan
  • State regulation of financial markets and investment activities
  • Innovations in economics
  • Economic development in new realities (2nd priority of the President’s Address to the People of Kazakhstan)
  • City management
  • Local government and autonomy
  • Balanced territorial development (3d priority of the President’s Address to the People of Kazakhstan)
  • Migration policy
International relations
  • Bilateral relations of the Republic of Kazakhstan with foreign countries (in all areas of international cooperation of Kazakhstan, including trade and economic, energy, military-technical, security etc.)
  • Global and regional processes in modern international relations: the role and place of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Foreign policy strategies of the main international actors in relation to Kazakhstan
  • International legal aspects of the foreign policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • National security problems of Kazakhstan in terms of external factors. Cooperation of Kazakhstan in the fight against security challenges and threats
  • Integration processes in the Eurasian space
  • Bilateral and multilateral cooperation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the development of the export-import potential of the country’s regions, their integration ties and foreign economic interaction, innovation infrastructure, investment attraction, tourism and social sector development etc.


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