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1,000 civil servants in Kazakhstan upgrade their digital and communication skills










1,000 civil servants in Kazakhstan upgrade their digital and communication skills

16 June, Nur-Sultan – 1000 civil servants of the central and local executive bodies of Kazakhstan will upgrade their digital and communication skills to ensure their effectiveness under the telecommuting model of work. The learning programme is inclusive, and takes into account the needs of 342 civil servants with disabilities, who are participating in the programme.

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So, we are pleased to inform you about the results of the nationwide essay contest “Development Strategy of Kazakhstan” held among Civil Servants from May 20 to June 5, 2020. In accordance with the requirements for the competition, 131 applications were submitted and considered. Of this 67 in Kazakh, 61 in Russian, and 3 applications are in English.

Let’s remind you that civil servants could participate in the contest, both from central government bodies and local executive bodies under the age of 40 years. At the central level, the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development, the Ministry of National Economy, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Justice are represented. Akimats and their administrations are widely declared at the regional level, as well as territorial departments of the ministries of Health, Agriculture, Energy, Finance, Internal affairs, the Anti-Corruption Agency, and the Civil Service Agency.

In the context of regions, all 14 took part in the contest. An expert commission was created to evaluate the essays. The Commission has included the Directors of the regional branches of the Academy, as well as Faculty and Staff members. Of the 131 essays considered, 10 essays with relatively high scores (55-60/60) were put forward for the qualifying stage. At the next republican stage, out of 10 recommended the 3 most vivid, convincing and most interestingly written essays were selected.

All essays were evaluated by criteria such as:

  • Relevance of the topic;
  • Content of the essay and compliance with the goals and objectives of the contest;
  • Original author’s approach;
  • Essay structure.

It was equally important to demonstrate strategic thinking due to a given general theme of the contest! All essays were checked for plagiarism and the correct use of sources.

Based on the results of an online meeting of the expert commission, by voting 3 (three winners) were announced:

  1. Abdesh Kerimzhan Bakhtiyarbekuly – Main specialist of Agricultural Unit, Ordabasy rayon, Turkestan oblast;
  2. Keruenbayev Berik Serikuly – Sr. Officer of the Court, Kyzylorda specialized examining court;
  3. Maldybayeva Zamira Aidarbekovna – Main specialist of Training Center of the State Revenue Committee of the Ministry of Finance.

As an award the winners will receive a wonderful opportunity to go to the training on personal growth and competence upgrading. The winners can follow the module online within this year.

Congratulations to the winners of the national contest and thanks to all the participants for their interest and aspirations to win!

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Foreign civil servants have an opportunity to study at the Academy of Public Administration within grants from Astana Public Service Hub. Academy serves as a platform for an advanced educational program in public administration for civil servants of Kazakhstan and neighboring countries.

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Nationwide Essay Competition “Development Strategy of Kazakhstan” among young civil servants

The Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan calls for the best essay “Development Strategy of Kazakhstan” among young civil servants.

Essay is a short discussion in a free style. The essay expresses the individual thoughts of the author, his worldview on a specific issue which does not claim to be an exhaustive interpretation of the subject. The essay shows the level of independent creative thinking, the ability to structure information, highlight causal relationships and argue own findings.

The purpose of the competition is the search for new ideas to implement the strategic priorities of the country’s development on its way to joining the 30 developed countries of the world.

The competition is held in the following thematic areas:

1) Building an effective model of public administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

2) Research in the field of social modernization, demography, human potential, and labor market and relations;

3) Contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) indicators through increased awareness of civil servants.

Young civil servants under the age of 40 years (inclusive) can take part in the competition.

Only essays prepared by one author are allowed.

Each applicant can submit one application. Co-authorship of an applicant in two or more applications is not allowed.

The competition is held in three stages:

1) regional stage;

2) republican stage (distance selection of essays and announcement of winners);

After the competition the winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd places) will have a unique opportunity to study in exclusive trainings on personal development of competencies delivered by the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Requirements for the design of essay: text in A4 format; margins: 3 cm on the left, 1,5 cm on the right, 2 cm on the top and bottom, Times New Roman font, size 14 pt; line spacing – 1,2. 

Essay structure:

–        title page;

–        information about the participant to the competition;

–        introduction;

–        main part of the work;

–        conclusion;

–        list of used literature.

Essay can be provided either in Kazakh/Russian or English language.


Essay selection is carried out according to the following criteria:

1) relevance of the topic;

2) the level of compliance of the essay’s content with the topic of Competition;

3) scientific novelty;

4) original author’s approach to solving the tasks;

5) practice-based

To participate in the competition you should submit the following documents:

– online-application;

– essay (no more than 500 words excluding bibliography) in Word of PDF format.

The essay must be sent to the e-mail: k.nurbek@apa.kz (project manager Kuralay Nurbek).

The competition is to be held online.

Deadline for submitting essay: from May 20 to June 5, 2020.

Competition results will be announced on the Academy’s website: www.apa.kz.


                                             Application form

Author of the Essay Name and surname: _________________________________

Place of work: _________________________________



Phone number:


E-mail: ________________________________________

Region (city, district):




Key words






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Welcome to the Academy: Open Day

Last Saturday, an Open Day was held at the Academy of public administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Nur-Sultan.

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International cooperation

The Academy Rector held a meeting with  the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Argentina Ricardo Ernesto Lagorio, during the visit of the Ambassador to Kazakhstan. This year, a memorandum of cooperation is expected to be signed between the Academy and Argentine Diplomatic Academy.

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“Globalization of Central Asia”, 16th Conference of the European Society for Central Asian Studies, 27-29 June, 2019

From 27 to 29 June 2019, the 16th Conference of the European Society for Central Asian Studies (ESCAS) was held at the University of Exeter (United Kingdom). ESCAS conferences are held biennially and bring together researchers from Central Asia on a wide range of issues: from culture and history to public administration and politics. This year’s conference, the global theme of which was “Globalization of Central Asia”, was attended by over 200 researchers who were involved in the work of 62 panels, 8 round tables, as well as two book discussions, including the draft of a new textbook.

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Strong basis for partnership: Emirates Diplomatic Academy and Academy of Public Administration under the President of the RK

Today, the United Arab Emirates is well known for its Ministries of happiness and tolerance which are headed by female ministers. Moreover, the planning horizon of the UAE government extends to 2117, when they are planning to establish the first inhabitable human settlement on Mars by 2117. This is preceded by several strategic milestones associated with the change and improvement of all society spheres.

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“Formula of trust and effective solutions” Civil Service + Civil Society + Business

The Center for Interethnic and Interconfessional Studies in Central Asian Region of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan held a seminar-training, entitled “Formula of trust and effective solutions“ Civil Service + Civil Society + Business ” on April 27, 2019, held in Blue Hall. It was devoted to representatives of the state bodies, business sector and non-governmental organizations, which is the joint project of the Center and  SF “Eurasian Expert Council”, lead by Lepsibayev  Chingis.

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Altair Akhmetov is appointed as a rector of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

By the order of the Head of State Altair Akhmetov is appointed as a rector of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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 Strengthening of cooperation with International Anti-Corruption Academy

The Academy leadership met with the representative of the International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA) Mr. Alexei Croitoru. The agenda included the issues of giving impetus to bilateral cooperation, as well as the implementation of specific joint projects.

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International development

The Rector of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Fatima Zhakypova, met with the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Lebanon to the Republic of Kazakhstan Giscard El Khoury.

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Kazakhstan and Afghanistan: prospects for expanding cooperation in the training of public servants

Today, stability in the Central Asian region cannot be viewed without resolving the “Afghan issue”. Kazakhstan attaches great importance and plays an important role in ensuring the peace process and the reconstruction of Afghanistan.

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New faces of Kazakhstan diplomacy

In the Year of Youth, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan has presented a publication introducing the new generation of national diplomacy.

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Guest lecture: Modern Methods of Management with DIGITAL

 Alexander Mashkevich, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Eurasian Group, gave a guest lecture on “New methods of ethical management using digital”

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