What is the validity period of the QazaqResmiTest certificate?

Certificates of levels B1,B2 – 1 year;
Certificates of levels C1,C2 – 2 years

What is the validity period of the ҚАЗТЕСТ certificate?

Certificates of levels B1,B2 – 3 years;
Certificate of level C1 – 5 years

How can I pass the QAZAQ RESMI TEST?

The test is conducted online. The applicant needs to register on the qrt.kz website and make a payment, then pass the test at any time convenient for him.

What is the procedure for passing the QAZAQ RESMI TEST?

The test is divided into 4 sections: listening, vocabulary-spelling, writing and interview. During testing, there are no breaks between parts, so you need to complete all sections in 30 minutes sequentially or at your own discretion.

How long does QAZAQ RESMI TEST take?

The total duration of the listening, vocabulary-spelling, writing and interview tests is 30 minutes, of which 5 minutes for listening, 10 minutes for vocabulary-spelling, 10 minutes for writing, 5 minutes for interviews.

When will I receive my QAZAQ RESMI TEST results?

Based on the results of the test, a special certificate is issued, which indicates the language level in points. A certificate with the results will be sent within 2 days after passing the test in your account.

Will it be possible to change the selected educational program after registration
in the Information System of the Academy?

You will have the opportunity to change the selected program in the informational system until the end of receiving documents period, i.e. until November 30, 2023

What questions are asked to interview applicants?

During the interview, questions will be asked to determine the level of professional and personal competencies of applicants, motivation for learning, knowledge of strategic and policy documents of the state planning system, regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In addition, questions will be asked about the written analytical essay in the first stage of selection.

What is the duration of training (in Astana) on modular educational programs?

The module is held at the Academy for two weeks every three months.

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