Weekdays of regional branch

Alik Shpekbayev, Chairman of the Agency for Civil Service and Anti-Corruption Affairs, Fatima Zhakypova, Rector of the Academy, and Mirbolat Zhakypov, Chairman of the Trade Union of State, Banking Institutions and Public Services have  visited Aktobe Region as an integral part of their working routine.

During the visit, Alik Shpekbayev, Fatima Zhakypov and Mirbolat Zhakypov as well as the to the Akim of Aktobe Ilyas Ispanov   have been introduced to  the activities of the Academy branch in Aktobe region. Moreover, they have met with the akims of rural districts who have chosen IV level of the budget. In addition  to this they had meeting  with the participants of the “Ambassadors for Change” project and the branch staff.

Meeting has covered the topics on ongoing work regarding the formation of an anti-corruption culture and the ethical behavior of public servants. As well as this, they discussed the  implementation of the Nation Plan “100 concrete steps to implement the five institutional reforms N. Nazarbayev”, focusing on the first 15 steps devoted to the formation of a professional state apparatus.

In his speech, the Chairman of the Agency talked the issues on digitalization of public services and intolerance to corruption.

Apart from this, there was the presentation an intellectual map during the event, which systematizes the work of the Branch.  The guests visited the Shop without a seller afterwards, based on honesty.

Furthermore, akims of rural districts and students of the Branch demonstrated their projects, aimed at improving the socio-economic development of the region and rural areas.

At the end of the event, there were a presentations of the book, entitled “Time-Management –Zheke Tiimdilik: Uakytty oz Paidana Bur”  by A. Myrzashova and the collection of poems “Arnau” by Arman Kabylov. The former is  a professor of the Branch, while the latter is a participant of the project “Ambassadors of Change”, Head of the Domestic Policy Department of the Kobdinsky District.