Visit of the Academy team to Mongolia

A research trip to Mongolia was organized within the framework of the research of the Center for Interethnic and Interconfessional Studies in Central Asian Region. The aim of the research was to study the polyethnic composition of foreign countries, the public consensus and unity, and the uniqueness of the close Kazakh diaspora.

Scientific research was conducted by some experts: Baglay Bauyrzhan – chief expert the Center for Interethnic and Interconfessional Studies in Central Asian region; Seitbayev Bauyrzhan – international partnership sector leading expert; Aronov Ansagan – the senior teacher of institute management. 

During the research the deputy of Mongolian Parliament, the minister of construction and urban planning – Badelhan Kabdisilamuly, ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Mongolia – Kalybek I. Koblandin, the rector of national academy governance –   Zulfikar Sarkit, the head of Mongolain Bayan-Olgii regional congress of civil citizens – Bauyrzhan Daleluly, the akim of Mongolian Bayan-Olgii region – A. Gylymhan, some researchers of Mongolian academy of sciences institute of international affairs, some independent experts relating to minority, and some local representatives of press were interviewed.

Also, to secure public consensus and unity the interview was conducted with regard to some ethnic groups like Halha, Kazakh, Baiad, Mengurt, Zahchyn, Uranhai, Tyva, Dorbet who live in Bayan-Olgii and Hovd regions. Within the framework of the interview, the level of civil and national identity of these ethnic groups, as well as the degree of preservation of language, traditions and national styles has been defined.