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Aigul Sadvokassova
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Research grants:
Language policy in Kazakhstan (2011,2012, Committee on languages of MKI RK).
The inter-ethnic situation in Kazakhstan (2012, Ministry of culture and information of Kazakhstan).
Corruption perception index in Kazakhstan (2012, 2013, Agency for civil service Affairs of Kazakhstan).
Ethno-social situation in the regions of Kazakhstan (2012-2013, Grant project of KN MES).
Exit poll-2011, 2015.
History of interethnic and interreligious relations in the Republic of Kazakhstan, including the history of the nation’s largest ethnic groups (program and target funding science Fund MES, 2014-2016).
Ethno-political dictionary: terms and concepts of the Kazakhstan policy and practice in the field of public consent and interethnic tolerance / Committee for development of languages MCS of Kazakhstan (in Kazakh. and Rus. languages.).
Sociological dimension of corruption: research methodology and society’s attitude to research results (Grant project of KN MES, 2015-2017).
State administration and public policy in the sphere of interethnic relations of the Republic of Kazakhstan: development of technologies of management and civil participation in strengthening public consent (state task, 2014, 2016).
Publications: Over 100 publications and articles in Kazakhstan and abroad.

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