The “Ideas Factory” was created on the basis of the Academy with the aim of improving the public administration system in Kazakhstan. One of the Academy’s key values today is openness in ideas and the involvement of everyone in the joint implementation of initiatives: government officials, entrepreneurs and just active citizens. We are interested in promising ideas aimed at specific results, which is why discussions of ideas are held under the slogan “Memlekettik qyzmet: Quick wins”.

Speaking in the language of project management, the platform is the stage of initiation, where the authors voice their ideas, get an expert assessment and involve interested parties. But the most important thing is the further implementation of specific projects that can be quickly implemented and benefit. Thus, being a real platform for decision-making, the goal of the Factory is to develop joint collegial decisions to achieve quick wins without formalism and bureaucracy.

It is also encouraging that the “Factory” format allows us to reveal a rather serious potential of public servants. We see initiative and courage in putting forward ideas and the desire to change and transform the surrounding reality together with everyday work.

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