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Call for Applications


The Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan announces the start of accepting applications for participation in the Competition of grant funding for research projects. The theme of the competition is determined by the following cluster areas of research of the Academy:

1. Public administration and civil service
2. Society and politics
3. Integrity – the key to the strength of an effective state.
4. Human resources and change.

Priority in the selection is given to projects focused on developing practical recommendations using the methods of scenario planning and forecasting, allowing in the framework of research to obtain the following results:
– predicted values of quantitative and qualitative indicators;
– factors that determine the fluctuations of indicators;
– decision making algorithm;
– situational modeling when making certain decisions, including experimental (if necessary);
– risk assessment;
– assessment of the possibility of achieving results.

Sample topics within clusters:

1. Theme within the cluster “Public administration and civil service”: “Electronic public services”.
Staged questions:
– How to effectively involve the population in the process of using e-government services?
– What tools should be used to solve the following tasks: comfort for the population, building the relationship of PPP, efficient use of time, improving the work of the back office and the front office?
– How to increase the number of fully automated public services from the Registry?

2. Theme within the cluster “Society and Politics”: “Self-management of condominium.”
Staged questions:
– Where we are – analysis of the existing problems of housing and communal services and housing, in particular the increasing non-payment and dilapidation of the housing stock, the ineffectiveness of the measures taken.
– Where we are going – why it is necessary to develop alternative forms of condominium management. Forecast of the economic and social effect of the introduction of self-government institutions in the housing and utilities sector
– What needs to be done for this is the role of state bodies in the development of self-management of condominiums. Step-by-step guidelines for government agencies for the organization and promotion of condominiums.

3. The theme within the cluster “Integrity and integrity is the key to the strength of an effective state”: “Involving the public in countering corruption”.
Staged questions:
– How to effectively involve the public in the process of countering corruption?
– What tools should be used to solve the problem?
– What format of interaction should be between government agencies and civil society?

4. Theme within the cluster “Human resources and changes”: “Talent management in state bodies”.
Staged questions:
– How to effectively apply institutional mechanisms for the successful implementation of talent management in government bodies?
– What tools should be used to solve the problem?
– What is the internal context of a government body (human capacity, lack of or the availability of opportunities for career advancement, internal budget constraints and organizational culture) and how does it affect the decision-making process regarding the implementation of talent management?

Winners of the competition are determined by a selection committee, the results are approved by the Research Committee.
Winners of the competition:
– enter into an agreement to conduct research;
– receive money for the implementation of a research project;
– provide an interim report with approbation of research approaches and preliminary results in public speeches, presentations, reports, publications;
– provide the final report, in the form of a manuscript of the article, the results of sociological research, publications in rating journals and other intellectual products.

Requirements for participation:
1. Compliance with the content of the application theme of the competition.
2. The language of the application and research project: Kazakh language, Russian language, English.
3. The project implementation period is one calendar year from the moment the grant is awarded.
4. The content of the application should include the following sections:
– general information / title page (project name, project manager / author, list of co-authors, a division of the Academy, a brief summary of the project);
– description of the project (relevance of the problem, degree of study, proposed hypotheses and approaches in achieving the goals and objectives of the study);
– research methods and ethical issues;
– research environment;
– Expected results;
– algorithm (methods) implementation in practice;
– individual researcher or research group (composition, qualifications, publications);
– project planning and management;
– bibliography;
– applications.
5. All research projects must comply with the principles of SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable / Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound; and paper free.
6. The participation of young researchers (up to 40 years), doctoral students, undergraduates is welcome.
7. The results of the competition are approved by the Research Committee of the Academy.

All applications should be sent by filling out the online form in Russian:
Online form 

If you have questions please call 75 33 09

Deadline for applications: November 15, 2018 18.30 hours of Astana time.

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