Main dates for the 2024 additional admissions campaign

DIR-International Relations
DPА – Public Administration
DE – Economics

Public administration

  • Methodology, technologies and development and change management methods in the field of state planning
  • Appropriate quality of public administration in the Republic of Kazakhstan: requirements of the XXI century and implementation models
  • Instruments of participation, feedback and protection of the interests of citizens and business in public administration
  • Decentralization of public administration system
  • Project management and agile management technologies in public administration
  • Innovative management technologies
  • Development of tools and anticorruption mechanisms in public administration
  • Public administration in the field of information technologies development

Civil service

  • Organizational management/Organizational behavior
  • Ethics of the civil servants of Kazakhstan / Culture of integrity of civil servants of Kazakhstan
  • Upgrading the quality of personnel in public administration and improving the organization of their work
  • Improvement of assessment system of civil servants performance

Public services

  • Client-based public services delivery

National economy and
territorial economy

  • Economy of the public sector of Kazakhstan
  • State regulation of financial markets and investment activities
  • Innovations in economics
  • Economic development in new realities (2nd priority of the President’s Address to the People of Kazakhstan)
  • City management
  • Local government and autonomy
  • Balanced territorial development (3d priority of the President’s Address to the People of Kazakhstan)
  • Migration policy

International relations

  • Bilateral relations of the Republic of Kazakhstan with foreign countries (in all areas of international cooperation of Kazakhstan, including trade and economic, energy, military-technical, security etc.)
  • Global and regional processes in modern international relations: the role and place of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Foreign policy strategies of the main international actors in relation to Kazakhstan
  • International legal aspects of the foreign policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • National security problems of Kazakhstan in terms of external factors. Cooperation of Kazakhstan in the fight against security challenges and threats
  • Integration processes in the Eurasian space
  • Bilateral and multilateral cooperation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the development of the export-import potential of the country’s regions, their integration ties and foreign economic interaction, innovation infrastructure, investment attraction, tourism and social sector development etc.


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