» Welcome to the Academy: Open Day


Welcome to the Academy: Open Day

Last Saturday, an Open Day was held at the Academy of public administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Nur-Sultan.

At the traditional event for incoming students, the guests were able to get full information about the master’s and doctoral programs for 2020, new admission rules and advantages of studying in the Academy, as well as take part in seminars (as part of preparatory courses for admission to the Academy) on such relevant topics as: “How to write an essay on the subject/research plan?” and “How to avoid plagiarism?”.

85 people took part in the Open Day in Nur-Sultan in offline format. It is notably that two-hour session was held in the form of an online live stream in Academy’s social networks  on Instagram and YouTube, so that participants from different regions of Kazakhstan had the opportunity not only to watch the online sessions, but also to immediately get feedback. So, there were 225 participants in the online live stream on the social network Instagram, and 220 on the YouTube channel.

The convenience of an online session also consisted the fact that all interested civil servants who could not attend the event had the opportunity to watch LIVE later, in a saved recording on the same platforms. It should be noted that links to entries will continue to be distributed as a mailing list to all applicants in the current year.

For information:

In 2020, the Academy of public administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan invites all civil servants with experience of one year or more to apply for a grant in one of the 10 master’s programs or 3 doctoral programs.

The Academy annually updates and improves its educational programs based on domestic and global trends in public administration and politics. Therefore, this year Academy provides study in the following educational programs:

For a period of one year:

“Мaster of Public Management”;

“Мaster of Anti-Corruption Policy”;

“Master of International Relations”;

“Master of Human Resource Management”;

* “Master of Regional Development”.

For a period of two years:

“Master of Public Administration”;

“Master of Public Policy”;

“Мaster of Economics”;

“Master of Regional Development”;

* “Master of Regional Leadership”;

For a period of three years:

“Doctor of Public Administration”;

“Doctor of Economics”;

“Doctor of International Relations”.


* Is carried out at the expense of other sources of funding.


In case of enrollment, student is given the opportunity to maintain a job, receive a scholarship in the amount of official salary, receive education from highly qualified faculty, and undergo training with world-class experts.

Necessary documents for Admission (Admission of documents is till 10th July, 2020):

– Application;

– Copy of Diploma and Transcripts;

– Copy of IELTS/TOEFL certificate or application for APTIS exam;

– Employment confirming document;

– Medical certificate (086-у);

– Reference statement from directing public body;

– Applicant’s written work:

For MASTER PROGRAM – motivational essay, essay on the subject

For DOCTORAL PROGRAM – essay, Research proposal.

Detailed information about educational programs and admission procedures are available on the website www.apa.kz, in “Admission” section.



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