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Office of change

The goal of the “Office of Change” project is to improve the Academy’s activities through the use of project management approaches by employees.

Organizer – Center for Development of Project Management in Public Administration.

“Office of changes 2” project’s application form – download

Pilot portfolio of Academy projects

1. Creation of a systematized collection of normative legal acts in the field of education

Project Manager – Bakytzhan Musabekov
Team members – Bakytzhan Musabekov, Assem Gabdullina
Structural units – Legal department
Mentor – Zhanar Taizhanova
Mission – legal support of employees of the structural divisions of the Academy, including its branches, with a systematized database of NAP in the field of education
The goal is to provide each employee with a systematic database of NAP in the field of education
2. Improving the organization of the educational process

Project Manager – Raikhan Daldaeva
Team members – Raikhan Daldaeva, Renata Apergenova, Asset Abzhakov, Musenova Svetlana
Structural units – Center for Academic Programs, Institute of Management, Institute for Continuing Education of Civil Servants, Infrastructure Service Service
Mentor – Zhanbolat Dauharin
Mission – We form a new format of a civil servant, creating comfortable conditions for students
The goal is to increase the satisfaction of students / students of the Academy in equipping classrooms by 3% based on the results of the questionnaire for the second semester of 2017-2018 academic year
3. Modernization of business processes in the organization of seminars, advanced training and retraining courses

The project manager is Zuhra Karamalayeva
Team members – Zuhra Karamalayeva, Gulpara Tashenova, Gulzada Bolegenova, Altynay Bazarova, Samal Zhargakova
Structural subdivisions – Institute of Additional Education for Civil Servants, Center for Marketing and Communications
Mentor – Margarita Kadyrova
Mission – Client-oriented through the introduction of digital technologies
The goal is to reduce the flow of documents in the organization of the training of civil servants by 50% through the introduction of IT technologies by May 10, 2018
4. Sport and language

Project Manager – Ainur Karimova
Team members – Ainur Karimova, Aibek Sanynaev, Altynay Saulebaeva
Structural units – Documentation Support Division, International Partnership Center, Information and Resource Center
Mentor – Altair Akhmetov
Mission – In a healthy body – healthy Kazakh!
The goal is the improvement of the team through engaging in sports with the promotion of communication in the Kazakh language
5. HR-hour (development of a comprehensive training course for the Academy staff on negotiation and conflict resolution)

Project Manager – Moldir Kamzina
Team members – Moldir Kamzina, Kim Dong Young
Structural subdivisions – Department of Personnel Management, Korean development institute
Mentor – Zhanar Taizhanova
Mission – development of negotiation skills among Academy employees
The goal is to train the Academy staff in the basics of negotiating and resolving conflicts
6. Implementation of project management in the activity of the Pavlodar branch of the Academy

Project Manager – Gulnara Issenova
Team members – Gulnara Issenova, Molotkhan Omarova, Irina Sissenova, Nurgozhin RZ, Ashimbetova RD.
Structural subdivisions – Branch, Institute of Additional Education of Civil Servants
Mentor – Margarita Kadyrova
Mission –
The goal is to create an integrated business process management model for the Pavlodar branch through the implementation of the ISО 21500-2014 tools by May 30, 2018
7. Үш тілдік шеберхана

Project Manager – Nazigul Tulenbergenova
Team members – Nazigul Tulenbergenova, Kuralai Aytmukhametova, Kundiz Baygonysova, Guldana Zhumagaliyeva, Nurzada Primashev, Alibek Mukashev, Meirat Omarov
Structural units – Institute of Diplomacy, Institute of Management, National School of Public Policy
Mentor – Zhanar Taizhanova
Mission – Motivation for using trilingualism in the Academy
Purpose – To provide wide application of Kazakh, Russian, English languages through the language workshops
8. Debating Club «ALAN»

Project Manager – Dinara Sekenov
Team members – Dinara Sekenova, Samal Abakhanova, Zhanar Krekesheva, Didara Dosetova, Bauyrzhan Seitbaev, Miras Karjabai
Structural Subdivisions – Center for Academic Programs, Center for International Partnerships, Academic Magistracy
Mentor – Aigul Kosherbaeva
Mission – Creating an open discussion platform
Purpose – To develop the skills of a highly intellectual match in logic, wit, rhetoric, oratorical art and skill to defend and take different points of view
9. Optimizing the practice of recruiting and hiring on the basis of the Personnel Management Department of the Academy

Project Manager – Moldir Kamzina
Team members – Moldir Kamzina, Saule Shahmanova, Almagul Alshynbaeva, Aygerim Bopayeva, Yerkebulan Gabdyғaparov
Structural units – Human Resources Department
Mentor – Esengeldina Anar Satybaldinovna
The mission is to attract a highly qualified quality team, focused on maximizing the achievement of high results and popularizing the value of the Academy
Goal – Maintain centralized recruiting and 3-stage recruitment procedure for the Academy staff
10. Online space of the Academy's IRC

Project Manager – Zhanar Abylkhair
Team members – Ilnara Daurenbekova, Zhanar Abylkhair
Structural Subdivisions – Information Resource Center
Mentor – Altair Akhmetov
Mission – Immerse, empathize and collaborate
The goal is to attract students to reading, to the ability to use information resources, various databases, the ability to find the necessary materials, and the creation of a supportive community among students, teachers and graduates
11. We have A4. Where are the savings?

Project Manager – Primazhev Nurzada Makhanbetovich
Team members – Nurzada Primazhev, Raikhan Daldaeva
Structural subdivisions – Institute of Management, Information and Resource Center, Infrastructure Service Service
Mentor – Anar Esengeldina
Mission –
Goal –
12. Improvement of Procurement Procedures

Project Manager – Daldaeva Rayhan Zhandosovna
Command structure –
Structural units –
Mentor – Yerlan Abil
Mission –
Goal –

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