» Certification procedure

Certification procedure

The sequence of actions (procedures) for certification of personnel includes:

– submitting an application and a set of documents for certification to the Center;
– examination of the applicant’s documents, decision-making on the completeness and sufficiency of the submitted materials (including the analysis of the compliance of staff with the established requirements) with the sending of the relevant notice to the applicant;
– conclusion with the applicant of a contract for the performance of work on certification and issuance of an invoice for payment of certification costs;
– the applicant’s payment for certification services;
– sending a notice (in person, by phone or e-mail) to the candidate about the timing of the certification;
– sending a candidate’s application to the training company SPOCE Project Management Ltd (UK);
– registration of the candidate in the PeopleCert system, appointment of the date of the examination;
– conducting a qualification examination;
– sending the results of the exam to the training company SPOCE Project Management Ltd (UK) for evaluation;
– obtaining the results of the examination and the decision of SPOCE Project Management Ltd (United Kingdom) on the possibility (or refusal) of assigning the appropriate qualification level to the candidate;
– issuance of a certificate with a positive certification decision or notification of a refusal of certification with a negative decision.

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